The Wansink Dossier: An Overview

UPDATE: Be sure to also read the two papers we published on this investigation: Statistical heartburn: An attempt to digest four pizza publications from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab (published at BMC Nutrition) Statistical infarction: A postmortem of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab pizza publications (pre-print at PeerJ) On November 21, 2016, Brian Wansink published his … Read more

Open Online Education: Research findings and methodological challenges

Note: This is a slightly modified version of my post at JEPS (the Journal of European Psychology Students) With a reliable internet connection comes access to the enormous World Wide Web. Being so large, we rely on tools like Google to search and filter all this information. Additional filters can be found in sites like Wikipedia, … Read more

A real life case study on reporting inconsistencies: what would you do?

(Note: If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to read my earlier blog post as an introduction to the 4 papers with 150+ inconsistencies) Many scientists will at some point in their academic career play a game about research ethics involving discussions of case descriptions. These cases typically start with a description of a tricky scenario, for … Read more