List of Pre-Registered Education Research

Here I will report all Registered Reports as well Pre-Registered studies (click here if you don’t know what these are) in the field of educational research.

Inclusion criteria:

  • It must be a published study or a publishable pre-print.
  • It must be clear from the paper that it has been pre-registered; ideally there is a link to the pre-registration but this is not required.
  • It must be educational research, such as studies focusing on learning, study behavior, teaching, or must otherwise clearly situated in an educational context.
  • Laboratory studies are acceptable if they are directly relevant to educational practice or research. Studies about cognition in general (e.g., working memory, cognitive training) will only be included if there is a directly applicable application to learning and instruction.

I search for studies at the Zotero library maintained by the OSF which aims to list all RR’s and pre-registered studies. The current length of these lists is somewhat depressing. If you have suggestions for additions, please let me know.

List of Registered Reports

Van der Zee, T., Admiraal, W., Paas, F., Saab, N., Giesbers, B. (2017). Effects of Subtitles, Complexity, and Language Proficiency on Learning from Online Education VideosJournal of Media Psychology.

Shih, M., Pittinsky, T. L., & Ambady, N. (1999). Stereotype susceptibility: Identity salience and shifts in quantitative performance. Psychological science, 10(1), 80-83.

List of Pre-Registered Studies

Eglington, L. G., & Kang, S. H. (2016). Retrieval Practice Benefits Deductive Inference. Educational Psychology Review, 1-14.

Finnigan, K. M., & Corker, K. S. (2016). Do performance avoidance goals moderate the effect of different types of stereotype threat on women’s math performance?. Journal of Research in Personality, 63, 36-43.