Statistical tools

I have blogged about why you should be a skeptical scientist; here I will list useful websites and tools which will make this easier.

Roughly speaking there are two kind of tools which I will list here. First, it is important to be skeptical of what you read, such as checking reported statistics. Secondly, it is even more important to be skeptical of yourself; with tools like pre-registration you can substantially increase the evidential value of you studies and prevent fooling yourself (and others).

Do you have a tip for more tools for skeptical scientists which fits either of the above categories? Let me know!


QuickCalcs – An online calculator to check a range of common statistics (e.g., p values, F and t tests)

GRIMMER – Check whether means and variances from interval data are mathematically possible (e.g., check data from Likert scales)

StatCheck – Check entire papers for statistic inconsistencies

G*Power – Free software to do power analyses for a wide range of designs

Bayes Factor calculator – Calculate a Bayes Factor for common frequentist tests

ShinyApps – A wide range of online apps such as the ‘train your p hacking skills‘ or calculating the positive predictive value of a p value.

List of tools for pre-registration – I moved this to its own page.